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 Laser Cataract Surgery 

Dr Paul Singh is THE FIRST Ophthalmologist in the state of Wisconsin and Illinois to implant iStents (glaucoma drainage device).
This is a new approved FDA device that is minimally invasive and is done at the time of cataract surgery.   The device helps bring the pressure in the eye down in a very safe and controlled way with much less adverse events than other tubes and shunts we currently do.

We are proud our doctors continue to be on the cutting
edge of technology
We offer patients testing, treatments and surgeries that
most other places don’t!
Call our office and SEE the difference!   262-637-0500

Custom Vue LASIK Surgery.............

There is no need to travel anywhere else !

all today to set up a FREE LASIK CONSULT, to determine if you are a candidate for LASIK Vision Correction Surgery   


Southeastern Wisconsin's ONLY Glaucoma Specialist

At The Eye Centers of Racine & Kenosha, we offer surgical and
non-surgical treatment for glaucoma performed by our fellowship trained glaucoma specialist, Dr. Paul Singh, M.D. Our dedicated staff will assist you throughout your glaucoma treatment, always striving to inform and educate you about your condition while doing our best to save or improve your vision.

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